Dear Saint Sarah,Too much?? A little over the top? I DON’T THINK SO. Sarah – THANK YOU You have taken over 50% of my side effects of the chemo away this time and I can’t thank you enough. No bowel probs, no ulcers, much more energy than last time – Sarah you are truly a healer and I can’t thank you enough. You did promise me that I would feel better this time, and I prayed it would be true and you did it. Wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you have done for me and what a success it’s been
Christine F , Gold Coast, Australia
Sarah’s advice and expertise has been invaluable in the treatment of my health conditions. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and chronic fatigue syndrome I was in need of a practitioner who could look at each of these conditions individually yet also treat the whole person. I am fortunate to have found this approach in Sarah’s work at Balanced Health and to have a greater sense of wellbeing as a result!
Claire B, Gold Coast, Australia
Just felt compelled to write to you to let you know my skin has become completely clear! I have dreamt about having this type of skin since I was fifteen years old. I can’t tell you the emotional heartache not to mention money i have spent on my skin over the years – a big thank you to you for making happen what no other doctor or product could.
Paula , Gold Coast, Australia
After a long and troublesome struggle with Coeliac’s disease and a few other quite serious health episodes I had just about given up on ever being “properly healthy” again. Luckily for me a work-mate recommended Sarah to me – I haven’t looked back since! Sarah’s thorough knowledge, practical approach and obvious desire to get results made an immediate impression on me. Undoubtedly Sarah has got me back on the road to good health and I would happily recommend her expertise to anyone.
Tim C , Tweed Heads, Australia