The initial consultation will take an hour. We will obtain your medical history and then discuss the current issues that you may have about your health. A variety of tools can be used to assist in identifying the best possible direction for the treatment of your health concerns.

After the initial consultation you will only need 30 minute follow-up consultations where we compare your analysis to see how you are progressing with the treatment.

For more infomation on consulation details of the pyschologists and physiotherapy it is best to contact them with the relevant enquiries.

iStock_000005250619XSmallWhat tests are available?

  • Photographic iridology
  • Zinc Tally Test
  • Indican Test
  • Pyrrole Urine Tests
  • Allergy Testing

Cost of Consultations

Initial Consultation ($160)
Initial consultations will take an hour, and includes taking a thorough case history.

Follow Up Consultation ($65)
Follow up consultations will take 30 minutes.

Children’s Initial Under 16 Years ($80)
The first consultation will take around 30 minutes.

Phone/Skype Consultation ($80 Initial/$65 Follow Ups)
All phone consultations are for 30 minutes.