It is hard to avoid colds and flu during the winter months, however it is possible to increase your body’s immune system to help reduce your chances of getting a cold or to help speed up the recovery time if you have been infected.

Your immune system is your best weapon against infections. When carrying the common cold the most important thing to do is rest and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. It is also important to continue eating a well balanced diet even though you might not feel that hungry, those nutrients are going to give your body the energy and tools it needs to help remove the infection from your body.

Some natural ways of reducing your risk of infection would be to have adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet, especially Vitamin C which can be obtained through citrus fruits or through supplementation. Garlic is another natural food which has great antibacterial and antiviral properties to help assist your immune system. Zinc can also help speed up your recovery and can be found in brazil nuts and ginger. It is important to avoid foods which are high in processed sugars and fats as these foods reduce the function of your immune system which can make you more susceptible to infections circulating around.